August 10

Year 4G – Update

The Year Fours have made a great start to Term 3 and have been working incredibly hard in all subject areas.

In Writing, the students have just finished their information report writing and are working on developing some terrific expositions. In Reading, the students have started their novel studies for the term. It is great to see them develop their comprehension skills with texts they are loving to read. In Word Works, the students have been sorted into new groups and have just done some revision on their understanding of homophones.

In Maths, we have been working on various concepts in the Measurement strand. Many of these concepts have been integrated into our art. We used angles to design various patterns in our initials; and identified them as acute, obtuse, right, reflex or straight angles. Another way we incorporated mathematics into our art program was through symmetry. The students each got to pull a silly face (Which they obviously all despised!!!!) which were cut in half. The students then had to redraw it symmetrically when it had been cut in half. Check out some of the results below!

It’s been great to see an improvement in the classes organisation over the term, particularly with student homework. It is each child’s responsibility to bring in their Mental Maths book and their diary that has been signed by a parent, as well as any other homework issued during the week. I was really impressed hearing all the different ways the students are learning their times tables to reflect what we’re doing in class. If you are after some resources to develop your children’s recall of times tables, feel free to get in touch for some suggestions.


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