February 21

Welcome to Year 4G!

This blog will be updated over the course of the year to keep you informed of all the important upcoming events, and to show you all of the amazing work that the class is completing.

The first few weeks of the year have been very busy, but a lot of fun, as the class gets to know each other. The students have been involved in a lot of activities to show me their interests, and I look forward to including these over the year in my teaching. The students have also been considering what they want to achieve over the year.

Last week we began our narrative unit by writing a story answering the question “Why was Goldilocks alone in the forest at the beginning of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears?” The students spent a session planning their stories, and sharing these ideas with their peers. The next day the students had 45 minutes to turn their ideas into a narrative. On the third day, the students were given time to edit their work and develop their words.

To make the writing session as productive as possible, the classroom was turned into a calming environment. The students were given special pencils to write with, candles were lit (Or LED candles were switched on!) and concentration music was played. In their self-reflections the students said they enjoyed the music and freedom to write what they wanted with some guidance. It was amazing to see the students so focused for such a large time. You can see the students being very productive in the video below.

Please check to make you are receiving notifications for the blog to see all of the exciting things that will take place this year!